What's going on?
You may be curious about what's going on, and what's been going on. I'm going to summarize it.

Essentially, we are in the final stages of an elaborate, protracted version of the "business plot" which Smedley Butler once described. The early stages of this were initiated some 40+ years ago with neoliberalism, a revisionist project which sought to remove the organs of state from any semblance of democratic accountability and pass this off as "liberalism." It was, in fact, a move calculated to put a great deal more power into the hands of despotic oligarchs by removing any checks on such power. In the 2000s, the power of the state was additionally reinforced by Bush and US politicians with massive attacks on constitutional rights and expansion of the American surveillance state. Whistleblowers were attacked mercilessly, anti-war demonstrators were spied on, torture was actively revived, people were arrested indefinitely without trial, cynical wars of conquest were pursued against international law, and a law was passed in the US to invade The Hague in case any international court tried to bring American war criminals to justice.

This was coordinated between the American military industrial complex, business interests, and a certain fully militarized, segregated religious ethnostate state called Israel. Said state has been doing the following: buying your politicians, training your police, indoctrinating people into ethnonationalist identity, spying on you, infiltrating and working with your intelligence agencies (many of whom have similar interests to this ethnostate), and using a great deal of capital to get influence anywhere it can. This state has compulsory military service, and its civilian military has a considerable propaganda wing, whose members you will sometimes encounter, if mostly online. In this state, interfaith marriage is now illegal, certain ethnic and religious groups live as second-class citizens, and entire populations are shoved into walled-in ghettos where they are subject to mass surveillance and periodic exterminations referred to as "mowing the grass." For many decades, this state has gradually built the close relationship which it now enjoys with the American political class, with many of its worst crimes and ideological traits flying under the radar of average Americans, being downplayed or ignored by the very same willfully complacent American media which lied about Iraq.

As you may have ascertained, this is very bad. Very, very bad.
If you already knew it was bad, this is worse. It's sickening.

Today, you will notice a great deal of propaganda. The powers-that-be intend to do away with any remaining semblance of democracy, but now they are also desperate to shield themselves from accountability for their roles in the incredibly heinous crimes currently being perpetrated against the Palestinian people. In just the last few days, Israel has bombed a playground, killing multiple children, and following this, over 400 bodies were uncovered just in the mass graves at Nasser hospital. Between these occurrences, the American political class rushed through a bill to give Israel some $26,400,000,000 in military aid. This is a crime under both US and international law.

So it is that the powers-that-be have gone ham. They intend to have consolidated their power with fascist dictatorships in the USA and Britain and wherever else by this time next year. The American police, trained by the IDF, are sic'd on the public, giddy in their brutality, like kids who can't wait 'til Christmas to open their presents.

In the US, Trump is only being allowed to run because letting him do so after 2021 will set a precedent for elections procedure to be disregarded. Project 2025 is exactly what it looks like, and Biden isn't going to stop it because he doesn't want to. Biden is intended to lose, Trump is intended to win, but they are on the same side. It is a "good cop / bad cop" routine, and they are paid for by interests who are eager to get the "bad cop" in now. Gaza couldn't have come at a better time for this, because Biden's position on the issue of this genocide will render victory impossible for his self-destructing campaign. Here he is allowed to be genuinely and honestly abhorrent while still pretending that he is at odds with Trump, allowed to willfully destroy his campaign while pretending that it was merely a mistake on his part and the part of his assistants. The Biden campaign is intended only to be a foil for a 2nd Trump "term," which will do away with the very last resemblance of the US to any sort of democracy: its elections.

So, you can look at it for what it is. It is a group of fascists and war profiteers who are finishing up their long-sought total takeover of the most powerful governments in the world. It is evil, an evil so deep and malignant that it makes your skin crawl when you see it.

What you should realize, though, is that when you acknowledge this evil, when you see it for what it is, that is liberating. This is the thing you have been waiting for... some of you, anyway. This is the challenge of evil. This is the dire situation where you are useful. This is the grand point of your life, to stop this, to stop this absolute horror, and there is a great deal of work for you to do. You now are at liberty and obligation to do everything in your power to stop this. This will give you more purpose than anything else in the world. The devil has been unmasked, and now you must fight or be damned.

Now that you see the devil clearly, more and more seeing it with you every day, you have the greatest power in the world to do something about it.

Understand that there is great kinship between ordinary folks, most of them, over the common repulsion towards this absolute repugnant, corrupting evil. This horrible deceit, this murder, this rape, this terror, this greed... we abhor it. Don't do yourself or anyone else the disrespect of thinking that just because someone voted one or another way a year or two ago that they don't feel just as disgusted by this as you do. Like many categories, the concept of "left" and "right" becomes a tool for the powerful to isolate you from people who you might have more in common with than you think. There are people all around you who are just as human as you are, but the powers-that-be don't want you to think that.

They want to divide you and keep you divided. But you aren't divided. You're becoming less divided every day, now. Don't harp on superficial differences, and forgive people for all that you can. All throughout history, it has been useful, to despots, to sic the populace on some "out group," and we see that all the time today. Hold on to people for all of their flaws, and encourage them as gently as you can not to fall for these dirty tricks nor to get distracted by these charades. These games are played to distract you so that you are easier to rob, and to create suspicion in you of people who you could otherwise work with against your common thieves-that-be.
Focus on what is common: opposition to genocide, opposition to tyranny, the need for a better world.

What now?