What now?
Now that you know what's going on, I'll tell you what you can do. As you can tell by the date, I've been dragging my feet; now is the time to say it. The IDF, backed by the American state and its military contractors, is presently evacuating Rafah. What has preceded this day is 7 months of massacres against the Palestinians, and what will follow is likely to be even further massacres. The American state cracks down on opposition to this abonimation against the human race, and so, too, does the Israeli state ban press major outlets who had been reporting on their conduct. We, who stand in the path of the iron heel, the people set to be crushed under the weight of the state, are not at liberty to be divided. Some of what should be done remains the same as ever, and I'll enumerate some of the things you should do:

1. Contact everyone that you can. Reach out, even, to people who you have lost touch with. Talk to them about what is going on, and invite them to help. You have no enemies; everyone has a part which they can play to undo this evil, and all are welcome. Some will be more difficult than others, but you can come back to those people later.
2. Look for local demonstrations and action, and join in. Ask those people how you can help. Promote demonstrations relentlessly in every way you can.
3. Call your state and federal representatives and your senators and tell them to stop backing Israel's genocide. Call the president as well. Tell everyone you know to do the same. This is an easy first step for many people, and it will be followed by more things.
4. Gather resources, figure out what you need and get it if you can. Prepare for the worst and build a support network for others who may need it.
5. Build on 1 & 2; organize.
6. Research; learn everything that you can about what's going on. Important locations, routes, where to go when things go south, etc. Make plans and make backup plans with all the knowledge at your disposal.
7. There are arms manufacturers operating in the US who are supplying weapons for Israel. It is high time that this ceases to be the case. There is no justification for allowing them to continue to arm a genocidal campaign which has already slaughtered over 13,000 children. Even under US law, to supply arms to a country which is doing the sorts of things Israel has been doing is illegal. It is our obligation to stop this criminal act, and there is no harm done in speaking the truth: now is the time to shut these criminal arms factories down.

The best outcome is still peaceful change. To attain it, prepare for the worst outcome and pursue peace anyway, ready to be refused.