For this current generation and ultimately all past ones, the childhood fear of something sinister in the basement was not purely a work of imagination. Rather, it was a premonition - growing shorter in distance with each passing year, as every generation gets further away from the root of the primordial psyche and the long-distance sensory abilities it granted. Now this premonition has been increasingly realized. This age of human being is as a bitter, parasitic monster which lurks in cellars which it renders into catacombs of its sterile youth. It feeds on its own hate deep within its lair and has dashed the psychic entrails of the child all across its walls.

The children of the past have seen this present and become distraught at its ugliness. Though up until now they've had little way to confirm it, on some level they always recognized the reality of what they were seeing. Adults, in foolishness, insisted that what they saw was a product of pure imagination. This impression was so ingrained in the children that it left them incapable of recognizing, in the present, their own reflection. In reflective surfaces, these horrible narcissistic monsters see only children who died long ago, which they mistake for themselves.

It's important that we should look for similar premonitions in our day-to-day lives that similar holocausts may be prevented in the future.