When the Roger and Moore spiritual families merged almost 80 years ago, now, the accumulated value did not quite meet expectations. It had been estimated, once, that their combined rites' worth would surpass that of any previous family merger. Needlesstosay, this simply wasn't the case. The Roger-Moore family has remained, since, in relative obscurity. The current patriarch, a generation or two removed from the original decision, occasionally appears at auctions. Reportedly he never bids on anything, though.

All this aside, the Roger-Moore merger still produced a great wealth of spiritual value. And their original coat of arms, sold privately 10 years after its creation, is a very highly sought-after piece. It's been claimed by observers that the Roger-Moore family coat of arms possessed within its visage a great number of motifs which held great historical significance and chronological information. Better still, none of it is redundant. The whereabouts of its current owner are unknown, but this may be in no small part due to the initial disappointment of the merger.

To this day, the significance of the Roger-Moore family is still largely ignored due to their reputation. I think this may be a great mistake. From every angle I've approached the issue of the Roger-Moore family, I've found only indications that their actual spiritual value would be uniquely exponential if brought to light in the current market. That, for all these years, it has been spared social usage and deterioration only amplifies my confidence in this.