One was a wallaby. The other was a ceph.

Ceph: "If God is a Christian, then was Christ never a Jew?"

Wallaby: "If God is not a Christian, then I adhere to the most divine belief system: I am God."

Ceph: "If God is a Christian, does God worship the son of God?"

Wallaby: "Humanity is human, but I am holy."

Ceph: "If God worships the son of God, then does that mean that the Trinity is nonsense?"

Wallaby: "All that I touch is endowed with my spirit and I must therefore hide."

Ceph: "If God is Christian due to his placement in the system of Christianity, then is Satan also a Christian for his crucial rejection of Christianity?"

Wallaby: "That's nonsense."

Ceph: "If God is a Christian, what kind?"

Wallaby: "If I am God, what kind?"

Ceph: "If you are God, who needs to know?"

Wallaby: "I believe I am God. Even I do not know."

Ceph: "Does God know?"

Wallaby: "No."

Ceph: "Is God omnipresent?"

Wallaby: "I am omnipotent and omnipresent, but cannot stop Satan."

Ceph: "Why can't an all-knowing and all-powerful God stop a single creation?"

Wallaby: "Because I am him and he is insane."

Ceph: "If evil exists to test humanity, what is the purpose?"

Wallaby: "Evil does not exist, and it exists to amuse me. There is no test. "

Ceph: "Then is God not amused?"

Wallaby: "I am never amused."