One day, Tim left home to stay on a farm.

He stayed for several months at the farm, doing chores for the farmer. Over time, he noticed something.

Of all the animals on the farm, the red cows were unusual.

They simply stood. Sometimes, one would fall or injure itself and the others would never pay attention.

Other times, one of the red cows would begin to attack members of its herd. None would flee or resist when this happened. They simply died, one by one, letting out the most terrible moans of pain until the lone rampaging cow would tire and return to idling as though nothing had happened. Tim did not like the sounds they made.

Tim noticed that all of them occasionally did this.


Months passed for Tim on the farm. The red cows' numbers dwindled gradually.
Rampages, disease, and simple ceasing of motion had gradually picked off most of them until only one was left.

It wasn't too long before the last one died, too. It spent its last days standing idle and occasionally chewing the grass as though nothing had changed. Tim was distraught and confused. He asked the farmer why they were like this.

"The red ones are just like that," the farmer told Tim.